Crossfit Kids

What is CrossFit Kids?

Let’s start with what it’s not….it’s not CrossFit scaled for children. It is a program using CrossFit methodology but completely designed for children. Teaching life-long skills and fitness helping to produce a positive attitude to leading a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing to come out of a class is that your child has had FUN!!

How is a class put together?

Each age group differs slightly, but the basics remain the same. At some point in the class they will warm up, learn a skill, complete a WOD (workout of the day) and play a game. Preschool classes are from age 3-5 years and last for no more than 30mins, Kids classes are from age 5-12 years and last approx. 40mins. Age range for classes is not set in stone, movement from one class to another depends on the child’s needs and development. All children are different and we aim to meet the demands of each and every one.

Why CrossFit and not any other program?

Any exercise or sport your child partakes in is beneficial and hugely important. There are thousands of research articles out there to tell us why exercise is so important to our children. CrossFit Kids is designed to help your child get fitter and stronger and develop a positive attitude towards being healthy. In CrossFit Kids we use two particular types of exercises that have shown to improve the strength and fitness of children. These are impact and vestibular exercises. Impact exercises make children stronger through increasing bone density e.g. jumping, running, burpees, skipping. Vestibular exercises develop a child’s balance and awareness of themselves; these are exercises that encourage turning, rotation and motion e.g. forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels. There is also evidence to suggest that working at a high intensity during exercise increases brain function and therefore ability for children to learn and retain information. This is why in many of the classes puzzles will be completed or children will be asked to bring along a homework task from school to be completed at the end of the class.

Weightlifting for Kids?

CrossFit Kids does encourage the use of weightlifting skills and exercise but the emphasis is on the movement not the load. Children will not do any loaded movement until that child can perform each movement with correct and perfect mechanics, and do so consistently over a period of time. Most CrossFit Kids will not lift a loaded bar until they are well established in a CrossFit Teens class. Instead we will use markers, PVC pipe or light dumbbells at most. The Kids classes are where we hope to instil these movements so when they reach their teens and adulthood they are the best movers in town; and not struggle into an overhead squat position or perform a rounded back dead lift as so many of us do now (be honest!!!!) Safety is paramount and perfect movement, performed consistently is what we want to achieve.

Diet & Nutrition

Best to keep this one brief as once again there are thousands of research articles on this and debates can run on for years! You know what you need to feed your child to keep them healthy. However many of us neglect how important protein is in a child’s diet and also forget that a lot of food which we are told is healthy slow releasing energy actually contains a lot of sugar. In short; sugar causes blood sugar to rise and can cause many issues with insulin production and resistance – best to keep it to a minimum and as a treat every now and again. Protein is required by the body to repair and grow muscle and connective tissue. Children are growing right?? In CrossFit Kids we will touch on diet during classes from time to time, again we want to help produce healthy children with healthy attitudes for life.

Who will be coaching my child?

I will, my name is Sophie Wheadon. I am a CF Level 1 trainer and have attended my CrossFit Kids course. We are now affiliated to run CrossFit Kids from CrossFit Bull. I am a PE teacher and have been qualified now for 8 years. Prior to that I worked with children with special educational needs for 2 years. And I believe in this program as a way to have fun and give our children the best start in life. Which is why I want to coach it. Mine and Jeremy’s niece Caitlin (who is the original CrossFit Bull Teen) will also attend most sessions to help out and assist in coaching. We will also have another member of CF Level 1 trained staff at hand to help out too (all have DBS checks).

Currently there will be no membership as a CrossFit Kid, it will be a pay as you go class. Classes take place on a Saturday morning at 9am for preschool (3-5) and 9.30am for kids (5-11).

Children should come dressed ready to participate as changing facilities are limited to toilet space only.

You are required to sign in and sign out your child from the premises. We hope you decide to stay and watch the class. This is a must for preschool children.

We hope this has answered some of the most important questions you may have. However, anything you wish to ask please do not hesitate to speak to one of the coaches or email us directly. No matter how big or how small the query when it comes to your little one it’s important and we want to help.

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